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This is my part of the Web, as provided by The Internet In Nottingham. There's more here than there used to be, as innotts have upped the space, and I've got a bit more to say. I'll probably keep adding and removing stuff as it seems appropriate, but don't expect anything too flash.

I used to really hate those sites with loads of fancy pictures, cos I only had a slow modem. That's changed now 8-) but for anyone out there who's still on a slow link, there won't be too many pictures, and definitely nothing too big. Well, except for the photographs.
And in deference to anybody who's using a less powerful browser, there won't be too many fancy features like tables or animated gifs. And NO FRAMES
Actually, if anybody is really desperate, here is the frames version of my original site.

So what's here?

What's New?

More afp Photos - lots of icecream

More afp Photos - CCDE

More afp Photos - MK 3.0, and Esmi & Elfin's Wedding
Also switched to using jpegs for the thumb-nails to save space

George & Dragon meet photos

Switched from using style sheets to tables for the photo layouts, due to the number of browsers which have problems

More pictures from afp

Fixed the Jim Steinman link

Afp Photos, again

Added more afp photos

Added this What's New section.
Split the afp photos.
Added the New Year's Eve Photos.

Well, that's the lot for now. Except for:

The obligatory counter:

E-mail can be sent to jester at jester.nu if you have anything to say about this site.
If you are trying to sell anything, don't bother as I do not wish to receive commercial e-mails, thank you.